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        INTERYOTA  We have been building rods for free! The demolition buildings for commercial buildings, hotels, warehouses and heavy goods factory by engineers with expertise and professional services, as well as to clear the area for construction of the new forks to be smashed buildings - demolition of buildings. We provide free consultation! Without cost

  Services purchased Warehouse pool old wooden buildings of all kinds We buy all kinds of old wood. Clearing a fair price, with a total area odds available for more than 20 years, and safety standards. In demolition 


Buy ruins and debris from the demolition of buildings of all types. If you are looking to sell scrap materials resulting from the demolition, we are willing to buy at a price that you are available to get rid of waste material that is not used by the industry. We also buy and manage services at the disposal of scrap materials used in the manufacturing process or the materials to be disposed according to the laws welcome. You free estimate  




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